Canary Islands, Part 3

On day four we took a boat from La Gomera back to Tenerife, and then made our way by public bus to La Orotava, on the north side of the island.

Tenerife, by the way, has a great public transit network. The buses are called "guaguas," which is either a term that Canary Islanders brought with them when they immigrated to Latin America, or a term Latin Americans brought with them when the immigrated back to the Canary Islands.

La Orotava is one of the oldest cities on the island, and feels more like an old Spanish city than a tourist resort. Looking up the hill, you see Teide.

Looking down the hill, you see Puerto de la Cruz, a resort town.

La Orotava itself is romantic and quaint, and we spend most of day five exploring.

Lunch, by the way, was a picnic consisting of fresh papaya, fresh avocado (amazing!), and a bread both sweet and savory (anise seeds?), bready and cakey. The combo of the bread and the buttery avocado was especially good.


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