Hamburg coffeehouses

I had occasion to while away hours in two of Hamburgs great coffeehouses with the Bosch spouses.

1. Café Paris, a traditional French brasserie. (I had a delicious dish of the following: gnocchi, grilled I think; braised cherry tomatoes; touches of goat cheese for flavor; a hint of shaved peccorino; and a "pesto" of ground walnuts, honey, and rosemary. I think this dish could be reverse engineered without too much difficulty.)

2. Literaturhaus Cafe, which the guidebook aptly describes as shabby and baroque.

I had a very respectable Kaiserschmarren (with quartered plums, rather than the more traditional plum compote, as well as an entirely untraditional but yummy, eggy ice cream). I continue to be struck by how many fancy dishes the Germans have stolen from Viennese cuisine.


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