16 September: Frankfurt

I have to admit that my day in Frankfurt surprised me. Every opinion I had ever heard was to the effect of: Frankfurt is a gleaming, modern, financial city. It's fine for conducting business, but otherwise there's no reason to go there.

Some of that is correct. It is a gleaming, modern city of skyscrapers and wide streets. It would be easy to think you're in an American city.


But Frankfurt, it turns out, also has an attractive "old town," built on a much lower scale with a very different feel. Admittedly, much of the old town isn't very old. Like much of Germany, it suffered a lot of damage, so what you're seeing is a simulacrum of what was there before. But this is nevertheless not the urban landscape I was imagining.

Words I never imagined writing: it would be nice to have more time to spend in Frankfurt.


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