The next stop on our tour was Strasbourg, France, which is absolutely one of the most appealing cities I have ever visited.  I genuinely had no idea, and in fact, Strasbourg had barely been part of my consciousness prior to this trip.

One strange twist was that a volcano had recently erupted in Iceland, disrupting air traffic across Europe.  Someone from the Bosch foundation found herself stranded in Brussels.  Our group leader therefore drove her to Germany so she could catch a train.  An amusing consequence of this situation is that as the best French speaker in the group, I was designated to communicate with the drivers of the bus taking us from Brussels to Strasbourg.

The architectural highlight of Strasbourg is the cathedral, an exuberantly gothic concoction.

For aficionados, much of the stained glass is original.

The square in front of the cathedral attracts street performers.  This burly man sang renaissance-era music in an amazing falsetto.

From on top of the cathedral, you get a great view of the old town.


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