Christmas for a day in Leipzig

Okay, okay. This post is out of chronological order. Sue me.

Back on December 20, before heading to the Netherlands, E. and I took a day trip to Leipzig to take in the Christmas atmosphere. I don't really know why, but Leipzig was a blank spot in my imagination. It turns out to be a very attractive city, and we had a grand day out, despite the miserably frigid temperatures.

A couple of highlights...

We happened to be in the right place at exactly the right time to hear Bach's Christmas Oratorio performed in the church where it was first performed. Wow, that was great.

The church itself--and maybe this will interest Bach afficionados--is like no other I've ever set foot in. Imagine a church frosted all over the inside like a wedding cake. And imagine the gothic columns have been hidden behind classical columns with asparagus sticking out the top. Because that's just what it looks like.

Leipzig's Christmas markets have a good reputation (Berlin's don't) and we had fun eating fried dough and wandering through the old town.


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