Es lohnt sich / Es lohnt sich nicht #4

This edition of Es lohnt sich / Es lohnt sich nicht is a two-for-one about photography exhibits.

A couple of weeks ago, we went to an exhibit of Helmut Newton photography at the Museum for Photography. I'll assume you know his work (and if you don't, you probably do without realizing it). He did a lot a nude portraits of women, in which the women somehow seem powerful and intimidating. If you are an adult person and your boss isn't standing next to you, you can see selections from the exhibit here:

We went on a Thursday evening, when the exhibit was free. Verdict? Es lohnt sich. And not just because it was a free exhibit.

One of my favorites:

Yesterday I went to see an exhibit at the Akademie der K├╝nste of photographs from the waning years of East Germany. Hmm. You need to be some weird amalgam of photographer and historian to appreciate many of the works exhibited. Let's first state the obvious, which is that the DDR wasn't such a happy place. I wouldn't say that the exhibit makes it possible to get more than a passing glimpse into the DDR. The aesthetic aspects partially obscure the historical aspects.

Verdict: I'm going to go with Es lohnt sich nicht, because I'm ambivalent. 5 Euros is too much to pay for ambivalence.

A shot of one of the Boschies at the exhibit:


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